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What do you think about digital printing in textile industry?

    Digital textile printing is considered a flourishing innovation in the fashion of the twenty-first century. Digital printing has become the most sensational term in the field of fabric printing in recent years. It shows that there will be a larger market for clothing inkjet production in the future. Today, replacing screen printing with inkjet printing is developing at an ever faster speed.Digital textile printing creates a niche market for businesses to find new markets. Today's consumers are very harsh about choices related to design, color combinations and styles. Digital textile printers allow large format digital printing. The possibility of infinite printing matches the speed of changing trends.

    The color application is done with the latest printers and software applications, and the graphics results will be as fine and detailed as the photos. If you see it on the monitor, you will get the cloth. The accuracy of color and print is at point. The concepts of reflection, blur, stratification, superposition, flash and shadow may also appear in digital textile printing.
    The next best thing about digital textile printing is that it's economical and flexible to set up so that quick return on investment. Compared with traditional printers, digital textile printers use less floor space. Because of their small space, they also consume less power and water, and make the process environment friendly. In addition, it uses less ink, reduces waste, and provides faster production and economical and efficient printing operations. Considering other forms of chemical waste in traditional printing, digital textile printing provides a more environmentally friendly process.

     Digital printing has influenced the style and process of textile printing, combining traditional textile printing technology with innovation and technological progress. Digital printing can change color and design quickly before printing, becoming the first choice for everyone.

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