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Do you know the differences between solvent ink and Eco-solvent ink?

    In recent years, a new type of outdoor Eco-solvent ink has become popular in the outdoor digital inkjet market with high safety, low volatility and low toxicity. At present, people put forward higher requirements for green solvents in outdoor ink jet printing.Do you know the differences between solvent ink and Eco-solvent?

1.Solvent ink

Solvent ink is an oil based solution with pigment and resin. It has the advantages of resistance to fading, water proofing and abrasion resistance. They are cheap. We have three kinds of solvent ink, i. e. body fluids, resins and pigments. It is oil based, but it dissolves quickly. In order to produce good quality, it is suitable for powdered form. This ink is used in plastic or vinyl materials. Solvent is not environmentally friendly, because its ink is oil based. On the other hand, it is not renewable. It must be regularly cleaned to keep the printer running well. Making the Solvent Printer work for a few days without maintenance is likely to cause damage to the printer's print head.

2.Eco-solvent ink

As the name suggests, Eco solvent ink is environmentally friendly. The liquid solution in Eco-solvent ink is derived from ethyl ether extract from refined mineral oil. It contains no harmful components such as cyclohexanone. This means that this type of ink is biodegradable. It can be easily decomposed and there is no harm done to the human body. Eco solvent ink dries fast and provides a range of colors. Eco solvent ink is the ideal choice for billboards and other forms of signs. It is durable and can adhere to cover or uncoated surfaces.

  Excellent features of Eco solvent ink

(1) vivid color, the effect is lifelike, the scope is broad, the color expression ability is good.

(2) waterproof, wear resistance,not easy to decolorization.

(3) using imported raw materials, good dispersion stability, no blockage.

(4) outdoor performance is durable. It can resist ultraviolet radiation and prevent fading.

(5) do not contain toxic solvents such as benzene, toluene, xylene and cyclohexanone.

(6) good adhesion and quick drying.

   To sum up, compared with solvent based inks, the biggest change of eco solvent ink is friendly to the environment. This is mainly reflected in reducing volatile VOC and no longer using many toxic organic solvents. There is no need for ventilation in the production workshop of eco solvent inkjet printer. But we must understand that the main components of the eco solvent ink are still organic solvents.


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