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How to solve the bubble phenomenon of sublimation ink when filling?

    At present, the sublimation ink used in piezoelectric ink-jet printers is water-based dye ink, which produces bubbles in the process of refilling ink. Because in the process of ink extraction, ink pump will draw ink and bubbles together. You can start your head test. When you see ink as a whole, you can try printing . At this point, the bubbles in the ink are not completely discharged from the ink, due to pressure, there will be some very small bubbles in the ink. When the ink is ejected in the printing process, the bubbles will gather on the nozzle. A large number of small bubbles form a large bubble, blocking the nozzle to form a gas plug. This causes the ink to break after printing. This is likely to happen when new ink is replaced or new machine is installed.

Solution:Fill the ink cartridge with dye sublimation ink. Print the ink on the nozzle and leave the machine for 20-30 minutes before printing. This can remove the smallest bubbles in the ink to reduce the possibility of gas blockage.


The ink from 25ml to 30ml is injected into the nozzle, and the air in the pipeline is sucked to install the print head. Then place the sprinkler higher than the trolley for three secondsand put it upside down. There will be bubbles in the nozzle. If bubbles rise and stop slowly, this is normal. If it rises and does not stop, it can be judged to be the leakage of installation.

2). Leakage phenomenon

When spraying pictures, bubbles do not enter the nozzle; bubbles reflux; nozzle holes are heavily stacked with ink; contact tape is stained with ink; ink spoiled during spraying.


The above phenomenon is that the mounting hole leaks. It may be too much force during installation. Then the installation hole of the nozzle is broken. We can use the middle hole of the bicycle inner tube to cover the nozzle mounting holethen lighten the ink needle.

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