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UV Flatbed printer has not ink out ,how to do?

    UV Flatbed printer In the process of use, sometimes in the printing process will not have  ink, even after repeated cleaning or not out of ink, why this kind of situation occurs? Next we introduce the problem of non-inking and the solution.

1. Ink emulsification serious 

   Oil ink and UV ink compared to each other, the fountain of UV offset ink supply slow, while printing ink layer thinner, resulting in more serious ink emulsification. Emulsified ink will accumulate in inking rollers and residue on the layout and blanket, resulting in unclear text. Fountain solution concentration and ambient temperature, will also have a greater impact on ink emulsification. Reduce the printing speed, the printing speed control at 5000-8000 printing/hour, and reconfigure the Fountain Solution fault analysis and elimination, the concentration of isopropyl alcohol in 11-13%, conductivity of 1800-1900us/cm.

2.Ink adhesion is not enough

     As the film, metal, plastic and other substrates permeability is poor, the adsorption of ink is weak, even after UV curing, ink adhesion is poor, printing quality is not high. In order to improve the ink adhesion, usually through the material to do surface treatment. In general to make UV offset ink in these substrates better attached, surface can be requested in 40dyne or above, before printing must check the surface of the substrate, when the corona out, to understand the corona treatment timeliness, Corona treatment will automatically degenerate after one week, such as the need to re-use the corona treatment,otherwise it will affect the curing drying and ink layer adhesion fastness.

3.Ink curing drying is not complete

    When UV printing, sometimes in order to improve the color saturation of UV printing, printing pressure is larger, the ink layer is thicker, the dot increases seriously, it will aggravate the difficulty of ink curing, in order to ensure color reduction, can only maintain a greater printing pressure. At this point, it is still necessary to moderately reduce the printing speed, printing speed and UV printer ink curing drying match; slow speed, relatively long UV irradiation time, adjust the distance between the UV lamp and the substrate, increase the intensity of UV irradiation, can also accelerate the curing of ink.

     When using UV printers, pay special attention to avoid causing damage to the print head, which is not worth it. Here are some common solutions.

1. Clean the sprinkler head. Connect the inlet of the sprinkler head with special cleaning fluid, syringe and hose, and wash it three times manually.

2. Immersion cleaning method. Remove the universal flat-panel printer nozzle and place it in a special cleaning solution. Soak it for 24 hours and take it out.

3 .Keep the current and voltage normal. Keep the operation surface clean and tidy. Operators try to wear gloves and avoid droplets of water splashing on the piezoelectric crystal when using the equipment, causing damage.

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