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Some measures to protect your print heads

    As we all know, the print head is very fragile, often because some small problems will damage the print head, if used properly, can be used for several years. Here are some tips for protecting print heads so that you can avoid stepping on the minefields.



Be careful when installing print heads. First, you must turn off the electricity. After loading, gently slide the guide rail to test whether it is smooth and not installed on the power supply. Because if the installation is not in place, easy to touch and lead to damage, and our own hands can control the strength.

2.Check blocked

If you buy a new inkjet print head, use a syringe to check if the print head is blocked before you try it out. However, this is a very dangerous practice. First of all, once the printer head in water, may wash off the head of the protective fluid, and because the pressure of the hand is too high, easy to cause blockage of nozzle air, resulting in ink-free.

3.Protect print head.

Print head is very fragile, absolutely can not touch, we must protect it. Its surface is a piece of aluminum, the inner layer is coated with a crystal oscillator and a very small ink tube. In fact, the touch will be concave, deformed or even broken, so that the nozzle will be scrapped.

4.Cable plugging

Do not bring ink when the printing head blocks the cable. At the same time, ensure good contact with sockets. Otherwise, the nozzle will be short circuited and burned.

5.Keep steel shaft clean and smooth

The steel shaft should be clean and smooth. Certainly, it can be used to wipe the sticky point grease, do not refuel directly to the shaft. Otherwise, it also cause damage when the excess oil will flow to the print head up.

6.Check cartridge

It is necessary to inspect the cartridge. First, let's see if there is enough ink in the ink. Second, check the small cleaning blade, ink pump is dirty.

7.Exhaust the air inside the printing head

There will be air inside the printhead, so it will not print correctly and will completely drain the printhead air. The steps are as follows:

1)First of all, intermittent cleaning (only 2 times at a time and then 2 times after cleaning for 30 minutes) 

2)Second, you can print more pictures, let the nozzle discharge air in the work.

    If you follow these methods, you can effectively extend the service life of print heads.

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