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Some questions you need to know about Ricoh Gen5 print head maintenance

    Latest Ricoh print head, GEN5 printheads, recognized as a global leading technology for textile printing. The latest version of the printhead comes with 1.280 nozzles per color and full greyscale, which enables printing speeds up to 185 sqm/hr.Here are Some questions you need to know about Ricoh Gen5 print head maintenance.

1. Use certified ink, use word-of-mouth ink, use regularly produced ink, and use compatible ink. In the current industry situation, most ink is not very different.

2.The problem of machine placement. Keep the temperature about 20℃-25 C℃, more than 30 humidity as much as possible, humidity should be more than 40! The humidity should be over 40, and the dry environment will make the nozzle dry.

3.Ray problem. UV ink curing is a common knowledge. The printhead is exposed and the ink tube is exposed. Strong light will cause ink drying and clogging, so the machine should not be placed in the doorway and the sun can be directly into the window, it is best not to have sunlight into the printing studio room or printing equipment.


4. Air flow is too strong, many people do not install air conditioning in the summer workshop, but in the window installed a large fan, strong exhaust, air flow too fast lead to nozzle drying quickly, because the wind is strong, ink volatilization will soon dry easily lead to plugging!

5.Place the environment dust is very big, dust dust will enter the ink, will adhere to the nozzle, will enter the ink bottle, will plug!

6.Winter temperature is too low, resulting in increased ink viscosity, weakened fluidity, can not print out or cause ink breakage!

7.Without a negative pressure device, the ink level of the positive pressure ink bag is too low, requiring the ink level to be higher than 20 cm above the nozzle! The demand level of negative pressure ink sac is about 20 centimeters below the nozzle. If the negative pressure system is installed, the negative pressure is too large, which will easily lead to insufficient ink supply. Negative pressure is too small to break ink.

8.About the protection of printhead in shutdown state. With ink pad, put on ink pad, keep closed seal. If you don't use the ink pad, you can put the cleaning liquid or alcohol on the non-woven cloth, put the nozzle up for moisturizing, check every other day to prevent drying. No spray! This is experience!


9.Check the inkjet print head every day and find that there is a blockage in the nozzle. Wash it immediately and do not insist on printing. Cleaning nozzle, pumping ink can not strong, the bottom surface of nozzle are very fragile, vigorously pumping ink on the nozzle is extremely easy to cause great damage ! Many sprinklers are not worn out. More than half of the sprinklers are damaged by vigorously pumping ink. The correct pumping ink method can ensure that the life of the sprinkler is prolonged several times.

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