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How do I extend print head use life?

   How to maintain the fragile printing head on the printer, I believe many users will have some doubts, a high-value machine, how to make it more profitable, how to operate to make the life of the print head as long as possible, the following we will make a brief introduction, I hope to provide you with a little help.

   The life of print heads is generally affected by five factors.

Thermal printer ribbons

   If you use the heat transfer label (labels that require a ribbon), you will use heat or roll ribbon. Hot ribbons leave residue. After each ribbon, it is recommended that you clean the print head with an alcohol pad containing 95% isopropanol. This will remove the residue from the head.


   There will be lots of dust in the air. Once the dust is gathered, it needs to be removed, so that the nozzle will not be scratched as time goes on. Once again, clean the print head with an alcohol pad containing 95% isopropyl alcohol to remove dust. Keeping the surface clean will double the life of the head.

Print speed

   The printing speed you choose to run will change the printhead temperature. The faster the printing speed, the higher the temperature required to maintain resolution. You can select printer's print speed and head heat settings. You should set a reasonable printing speed.


Printhead Temperature

   Just as speed controls printhead temperature, printhead temperature controls printing quality.Here are some things you need to know:

• Higher print head temperature. This will shorten the lifespan of print heads.

• Higher header temperatures will give you better resolution, but too high will greatly shorten the life of the header.

   The higher the temperature, the greater the pressure on the printhead.So make sure you test the print quality and set the temperature to the lowest temperature where you can see the print effect

User damage

    Don't use anything sharp like a razor blade to remove residue from the print head or even touch it. This may damage or scratch the print head. Thirdly, use alcohol pads containing high concentrations of isopropanol to remove adhesive residues, or call trained professionals.


    These simple tips for prolonging the life of the inkjet print head will reduce the printer's time, increase productivity, save costs.

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