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Application of sublimation printing /Compared with screen printing

   There are dozens of printing processes commonly used in the printing market today, such as fluorescent, noctilucent,sublimation printing, screen printing, offset printing,etc.Today we introduce the application and advantages of sublimation printing.

Application of sublimation printing
   Sublimation transfer printing is widely used in polyester,Lycra and other synthetic fibers. Sublimation dye are actually ink infiltrated fibers and become part of the fabric. High temperatures during printing also open pores of polymers and allow ink to sublimate into fabrics. When the material is removed from the heat press, the temperature will drop, the pores will be closed, and the gas will return to solid state. Then it will become part of the fabric. Sublimation printing images will not come off unless the actual fibers or coatings are damaged. This is why we cannot sublimate natural materials, such as pure cotton. Natural fibers and uncoated materials do not "pore" open, so dyes are attached to the surface of fabrics only.In addition, sublimation printing should be carried out on light colors such as white substrates. The reason is that ink is actually transparent. When sublimation, it needs a background to display. White is the ideal background because it does not conflict with other colors. In fact, the white background actually improves the chromaticity.The dye sublimation printing on polyester does not affect the material, and is preferable to screen printing on household furniture, wallpaper fabrics and clothing. Color is very active.
Compared with screen printing
   Dye sublimation printing is also very popular with sportswear manufacturers, many printed uniforms (cycling clothes, football clothes, basketball clothes, etc.) are completed through sublimation. Unlike screen printing, sublimation produces permanent images that do not crack or fade. In addition, sublimation transfers the image to the fabric without affecting the air permeability of the garment. But screen printing leaves printed matter on the surface of the garment, which affects the breathability and comfort of the sportswear.Dye sublimation is also suitable for small batch customization, where images and designs can be easily created or scanned to a computer. Sublimation transfer paper can be produced and customized in a few minutes, unlike screen printing, which takes a long time to prepare molds and materials.
   In short, sublimation transfer printing can achieve bright colors, not easy to crack or fade, greatly reducing production costs and maintenance costs, but it can only be printed on light-colored fabrics, suitable for polyester fabrics, both pros and cons.

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