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Low weight sublimation paper means low cost !

    Sublimation paper is a kind of paper coated with a special coating on the base paper. It is divided into two types according to weight (weight also related to coating) of low weight and high weight weight. The user's choice is based on their actual production needs. Some users are more willing to choose a low gram weight sublimation paper? Low weight sublimation paper means low cost and cheap!

The advantages of low weight sublimation paper.

1. save production cost

   As the weight of sublimation transfer paper decreases, we can save raw materials, reduce work costs, and reduce electricity consumption. Then customers can buy thin paper at a lower price.

2. Increase production

    Low weight sublimation transfer paper, such as 45gsm and 50gsm sublimation transfer paper, is more suitable for industrial printers. Because printing is fast, the output will increase greatly.

3. Characteristics of low weight sublimation transfer paper

1) Fast drying when printing, no need to print drying equipment, can save energy

2) Transfer rate of textile transfer printing.

3) Good resistance to curling, even if the air is dry. It is not a self crimping phenomenon, so it is suitable for transfer printing, as well as for paper cutting and transfer printing.

4) High concentration ink can be used, compared with high weight sublimated paper, just a little ink can get the same transfer effect.

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