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How to control the good storage environment of digital printers?

    After purchasing a inkjet printer, we should maintain the printer well so as to help us to print the pattern better, and also help us to save the cost.But just doing this is not enough, we should also have a good control of the digital printer environment.

1.Normal suitable humidity

The digital printer mostly suitable for humidity between 40 and 60 percent. Remember, it may be really humid outside, but inside your air conditioning has taken all the moisture out of the air. This is bad for your printer. It is suggested that you run a humidifier inside your home near the printer to maintain inside humidity.

2.The Dry Air in Winter

In the winter when heaters are running full time, the air gets really dry, and printers have more problems. At this time we should run humidifiers around the clock, and put about 10 gallons of water each day into the humidifier to maintain 50 percent humidity. If you are working in your home, and have a basement, sublimation printers love to live there. Because the basement is naturally cool and humid.

3.The Damp Sponge

You need to be very careful using this method because you could damage the printer if you forgot to take it out before printing. You also don’t want standing water, only a damp sponge, to avoid the possibility of spilling water inside your printer, which will also damage your printer.


    Following these rules, you can effectively avoid some problems that may cause large format printer problems, extend the life of the printer. If you have other suggestions you would like to share with us, please feel free to contact us.


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