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How to Test Your Sublimation Paper Sample

     To complete the sublimation process, three essential items in the early stage, sublimation printers, sublimation ink and sublimation paper. They are closely linked and indispensable. When buying sublimation paper, you should first buy a sample to test.Because many customers do not know how to test the samples of sublimation paper, and comprehensively identify the quality of sublimation paper. The following are suggestions from our production technology experts and researchers based on their professional knowledge.

 transfer effect

1.Check  sublimation transfer paper test resports.

After receiving the sample, the test report of sublimation transfer paper supplied by the supplier should be checked. The test report is summarized by the researchers. It contains every important factor. The data are authoritative and reliable.

2.Check the appearance of the paper

1)Smoothness of paper

By observing the surface of sublimated transfer paper, it is easy to identify its smoothness. High quality sublimation transfer paper, printing surface is very smooth. Because if the printing surface is too rough, it will scratch the print head.


Check whether there are many dots on transfer paper. Because when you transmit pure color (only one color), these points can seriously affect the transmission result.

3.Test the paper on your equipment

1)Drying time

When we transfer, we can note the drying time of paper. If the drying time is too long, it may be that the viscosity of paper may be too high, and the printing effect will also be affected.

2)High transfer rate

The transfer rate is very important. First of all, paper in the transmission process can be passed to how much ink, the second important factor is color recovery. According to our test, high quality paper transfer rate of 98%, sticky sublimation paper transfer rate is 96%.

3)The final test results are also related to the printer and ink you use, and when the results of your first test are not ideal, you'd better adjust the print and transfer settings according to the examples.


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