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Several advantages of wide- format inkjet printers

   Wide-format inkjet printers have done a good job in sublimation printing to take care of users' needs.With its low costs and lasting impression, large format printing is one of the most cost-effective print marketing tools available.Here are some  advantages of using large format inkjet printers.

1.Print on demand

Compared with traditional printing, large format printer allows you to print according to the required quantity. This means there is no surplus.

2.Long term persistence

Some large format printing is used for outdoor display. For example, banners and posters need to be exposed for a long time. Therefore, maintaining printing quality is essential. Today's large-format printing can withstand the continuous contact of various weather conditions, non-fading, long-lasting.

3.Large scale

In the past, the size of printed matter was restricted. Therefore, it is difficult to produce large format printed products. But now with the advent of large-scale inkjet technology, this type of special printing, even in large formats, can be successfully accomplished.


4.Product personalization

It can produce colorful advertising posters, such as highway billboards, commercial product publicity pictures and so on. It can also produce indoor high definition and high value appreciation works of art. It can also be used for textile printing, such as interior decoration, daily clothing and so on. The large format inkjet printing product has long service life, small copy quantity, and water resistance and light resistance.

5.Material diversification

It mainly includes advertising cloth, glossy photo paper, PP adhesive, synthetic fabrics and high fineness silk. These substrates have the performance advantages of good surface quality, high strength, durability, durability. And are suitable for outdoor use or long-term indoor storage. Such as the production of light boxes can choose general advertising cloth. General photos or light film can use high-gloss photo paper, PP adhesive and synthetic cloth. Calendars, high-end albums or personalized photo, interior decorations can use high-fine silk cloth and so on.

Environmentally friendly ink jet technology has gained more and more attention from consumers and customers. At the same time, with the maturity of inkjet technology and technological innovation, and constantly develop new consumables, so that inkjet printers can meet the actual needs of printing enterprises in speed, color and other aspects. It also enables consumers to enjoy more energy saving and environmental benefits

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