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Why is Epson 5113 print head popular?

    Epson Corp not only produces printers, but also produces printing head. In recent years, they have introduced a new type of piezoelectric nozzle for the printing industry. Common print heads are 5113, DX5, DX7, TFP print head and so on.Because of its unique advantages, EPSON 5113 print head is very popular in the printing industry and is widely used. Why Epson 5113 nozzles is popular? it has its advantages.


  Here are some of the characteristics that we have summarized.

1.the number of nozzles: Epson 5113 print head has 8 rows. Each row has 400 holes. The 3200dpi is much more than 1440dpi of Epson DX5 & DX7.

2.the nozzle width: 5113 nozzle prints the effective width at 1.3 inches. It is 30% wider than the Epson DX5& DX7 print head.

3.the speed performance: the digital inkjet machine with 5113 print head. It can achieve the max print speed around 25 square meter per hour under 3pass high speed working mode.

4.the price: the current Epson 5113 nozzle market price is far lower than DX5.

5.Epson 5113 nozzles used for inkjet printer(mimaki, mutoh, Oric,etc)


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