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Revealing the Whole Industry Application of UV Flatbed Printer

    UV flatbed printer, also known as universal flatbed printer, breaks through the bottleneck of digital printing technology, realizes a true sense of a print, without plate making, full-color image printing once completed, compared with the traditional printing process has many advantages. Initially, it was designed and manufactured mainly for hard materials. It broke through the restriction that inkjet technology can only print on soft materials. It was a major breakthrough in the history of inkjet technology, marking the birth of inkjet technology into a multi-field era.

1.Packaging industry: paper packaging printing, wooden packaging printing, metal packaging printing, PVC, packaging printing, leather packaging printing, plexiglass packaging printing.

2.Decoration industry:background wall (ceramic tile background wall, glass background wall, PVC clasp board background wall, marble background wall, microcrystalline composite background wall, carved background wall) PVC clasp board, PVC resin board and so on. The entire decoration industry is used.

3.Digital industry:mobile phone case, TPU mobile phone case, mobile phone case, notebook case, mobile power case, hard disk case, toy plastic case, set-top box case, etc.

4.Clothing accessories:non-woven fabrics, T-Shirts, buttons, leather, textiles, tag and so on.

5.Crafts: Watches, Stone Paintings, Marble Paintings, Wedding Pictures, Blue Stone Paintings, Textile Crafts, Wooden Crafts, Metal Crafts, Stone Crafts, Art Crafts, Ceramic Crafts, Crystal Crafts, Advertising Crafts, Plexiglas Crafts, Folk Traditional Crafts, Oil Paintings, All kinds of Crafts A traditional product group with local characteristics.

6.Advertising industry: PVC card, plexiglass light box, KT board, PVC board, glass, signs, equipment operation panel, acrylic, PP board, PC board, chest plate, aluminum board, the entire advertising industry can be used.

7.Glass industry:art glass, glass partition, glass door, glass background wall, frosted glass, transparent glass, plexiglass, toughened glass, glass curtain wall and so on


8.Furniture and building materials: tiles, ceramics, wall tiles, waistline tiles, ceiling, ceiling, glass door, traditional doors and windows, personalized furniture, polyester board, pressure board, plywood, screen, wallpaper, tea table, ashtray, etc.

9.Leather: leather, women's shoes, leather bags, handbags, travel bags, belts, etc.

10.Stationery gifts: pen boxes, notebooks, surfboards, reading machines, CD-ROMs, metal card clips, various materials bookmarks, toys, etc.

11.Hardware plastic:lighter, golf ball, silica gel, digital photo frame, crystal, aluminum plate, metal plate, plastic products, paper towel box, spectacle frame, dashboard, packaging box, toys, etc.

12.Footwear: Women's shoes, EVA slippers, roller skates, shoes, printed shoes, leather prints, canvas shoes, etc.

13.Electronic appliances: U disk, MP3/MP4/MP5 player, computer chassis, household appliances, air conditioning, washing machine, rice cooker, mobile phone, crystal handset, electronic components and so on.


    UV Flatbed Printer Operation process: Computer graphics--put on board--print--print completed (a computer, a machine, an employee without complex process, no high operating costs, multiple colors in a one-time hit that is done)

    The above products in these areas can be printed on different pictures and colors using a UV printer. Fastness, high outdoor can not fade for 3 years, indoor 8 to 10 years will not fade.


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