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Do you know how to print special image on garments?

     Digital printing continues to develop, many people want to highlight the personalized will choose to print their own clothes on their own patterns, then how to do? There are many kinds of printing process, today we introduce several common methods of printing patterns.

1. Screen printing 

Screen printing use the ink through the graphic part of the grid transfer to clothing, forming the same pattern as the original graphic.When printing, form a blank point on the screen frame, then the pattern is not covered by the grid, and then the pattern is printed on the clothes.The main disadvantage of screen printing is that a good pattern can not be kept for a long time.

2. Sublimation Transfer Printing 

Heat transfer is mainly through the sublimation of the medium transfer pattern paper. Use sublimation inks, through high temperature and pressure, and then print the pattern onto the fabric. Mainly used in polyester fabric, Fabric color is mainly white, light color.Cotton fabric is not suitable for sublimation, because the cotton fabric does not absorb ink.The main advantage of heat transfer printing is to save time, bright colors, long time to save.

3. Digital Direct Printing 

Digital Direct printing prints the image or source file entered in the computer.Then print the software system will edit and modify the required files, and by the special RIP software control processing, get printed with high-precision patterns of clothing. The main advantage of digital direct printing is simplifying workflow and shortening the work cycle. Digital direct printing process by the computer automatically memorize various data, click on the sample and generate a large sample exactly the same.


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