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What Do You Should Prepare Before Dye Sublimation Printing(2)

High quality dye sublimation inks is important in the dye sublimation printing.When you purchase brand new printer, you'll be stuck with using the default inks along with the machine during the whole warranty period. Once that is over, you can order bulk of dyes that enables you to save 75% of your ink expenses.


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Besides dye sublimation ink, you would acquire the paper suitable for dye sub printing.Generally Speaking,it si termed as dye sublimation transfer paper because it is the most suitable for sub printing.The image is printed on it, and then transferred to the substrate with the aid of pressure and heat. During the process, the dye is converted to gas and then presses onto a polymer-based fabric.

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There are instances where wholesale companies send you some items that you can test with, especially if you are going to pay for the shipment. If you are ordering offshore, try to ask how the fabric substrate is made which would include the materials and processes used. In addition, remember that the lowest price is not always the best. I usually would advice to have 25 quotes for a certain item, and then get the 3rd/4th lowest bid, and not necessarily the lowest one.There can be a time when the lowest bid becomes the best one, but not all the time. You'll see that the lowest bid would cost you products you never wanted, or it could be something new and cheaper than what you intended to get.If you have done or collected the things you need, the next thing is probably the toughest one, which is getting customers. It is pretty much understandable that finding good customers is hard. You need to come up with something that your competitors don't have. Perhaps, you can offer services for 24/7 or give free shipping. You can also provide discounts to first time clients if you want to. If you can only get clients to engage a conversation with you, your chance of landing them is greater than merely sending off emails.