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 Sublimation Printing Process With The Paper Ink and Printer



Mimaki, Epson and Mutoh are three well-known dye-sublimation printer brands on the market today.


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When it comes to fabric printing on polyester, dye sublimation is the go-to chemistry. Techniques can include using a traditional dye-sub transfer printer or a direct-to-fabric dye-sublimation printer. While transfer printing is more prevalent, direct-to-fabric printing on polyester is certainly possible and will actually yield better results during certain applications.


The dye-sub printing process uses a specific ink type: disperse dyes. Graphics are printed onto transfer paper, which is then placed in a heat press (clam shell or roll-to-roll calender unit) along with the polyester fabric that you’re decorating. The heat turns the dried, solid inks into a gas, penetrating the polyester to create a permanent graphic. Polymers in the polyester allow the inks to bond and become fully embedded into the material. The result is a completely washable, high-resolution image consisting of vibrant colors.


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Advancements in technology and ink chemistry have helped both dye-sublimation and direct-to-fabric printing become well-known for creating high-quality prints for their intended applications. But before you can take advantage of the many benefits of these techniques, you first need to find the right fabric-printing machine for your materials. The bottom line: You and your printer need to have chemistry.


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