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Useful Tips For Your Epson Surecolor F Series Inkjet Printer



Epson printer has done a great job in training the reseller channel to take care of end user needs when it comes to on site training and support for the operation of the Epson F-Series printers. Our company has gone through several levels of Epson training and can fully support all aspects of Color Management, Wasatch RIP training and production work flow in the dye sub printing process.


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Smaller operators tend to buy in to the Epson F-6070 units because of the 44” width and ease of operation. More established production shops will move towards the Epson F-7270 for the 64” width, the production speeds and the automatic roll take up for roll to roll production. Both Epson F-Series systems have the proven bulk ink delivery system that uses the Epson 1 liter bags of CMYK dye sub ink that has been specially formulated to work in the Epson F-Series printers. As an added bonus, the Epson F-Series includes the Wasatch Soft Rip bundled for the dye sublimation printers.


sublimation printer


The Epson F-Series dye sub inks are consistent, perform quite well and have the peace of mind that Epson is supporting the end user of the F-Series systems. Epson now has 3 types of dye sub transfer paper, also. There is a 75 gsm Transfer paper with light adhesive for roll-to-roll high volume needs, a 100 gsm Transfer Adhesive paper for Textile applications, and a 100 gsm Transfer paper for most applications. All three papers come in a 17” up to 64” width assortment. Both the Epson dye sub inks and the transfer papers have a unique SureColor F-Series Rewards program in which the purchases of both can get you discounts on F-Series Extended Service Plans and New Printers.


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