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Do You Know The Standard to Choose the Sublimation Printer for Use?



Sublimation inkjet printer types of various brands of various prices vary, many customers are tangle should buy what kind of sublimation printer, is the price of some of the better quality, or to save production costs, buy prices Prerequisite?In the use of large format photo machine in the process, some users for the immediate interests, whether it is ink or paper, all the use of cheap supplies. To do so, in a short period of time will have a certain effect, but the long run, but caused the increase in production costs. Large format pictorial machine is large format color printing, consumable consumption amazing.


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Due to the different quality and performance of different supplies, the user later the application cost is quite different. High-quality supplies of print quality is excellent, not easy to cause damage to the machine; cheap supplies cheaper, but the print quality will be affected, and even damage to the machine, the cost of late maintenance is higher. Users in the use of supplies, to fully consider the printer on the print media requirements, taking into account the cost of printing and other factors. Not only depends on the purchase cost of supplies, but also depends on the machine repair costs, as well as the machine caused by the opportunity cost of damage, in the long run, the choice of quality supplies can also save costs.


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The quality of the print quality depends not only on the quality of the sublimation printer itself, but also on the quality of the printing consumables used in the actual production process. In many cases, the print quality is not good, there is ink leakage, broken ink, print the phenomenon of crossbar may not be used in the picture machine is a problem, but you use the quality of printing supplies failed, of course, not all cheap supplies are Have to abandon, but to pay attention to the choice of use, do not seek cheap.


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