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Whats The Challenges For The Dye Sublimation Ink Meet Now?



Sublimation inks typically last up to six months outdoors, presenting a challenge.  At present improvements in durability are coming more from blank manufacturers rather than ink vendors. By using a blank with a special coating, our ink can achieve printed output with up to three years of outdoor durability.


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Ink challenges also result from how handle equipment throughout the entire printing process. We believes this includes clean printer maintenance, calibrated heat presses, and transfer papers with consistent results. If sublimation users don’t pay attention to the entire process, the quality of their output will suffer. For example, while it may be tempting to lower costs by using cheaper transfer paper, it may result in lower image quality with less-defined lines and borders or increased ink bleeding.


Maintenance and cleanliness problems often occur when the ink sits stagnant and the printer isn’t regularly used. The longer the printer sits without use, the more a problem presents itself. This can be avoided by practicing proper use and manufacturer-specific maintenance instructions.


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Challenges with dye sublimation inks are not only limited to output quality and maintenance. Market changes affect the price and availability of inks as well as transfer papers. Recently, market prices have dramatically decreased in addition to major companies stirring up the price competition.


Additionally, there is a rising concern for available sublimation ink sets for newer printheads. Most inks are stabilized for Epson DX5/7 printheads, but there are high-frequency printheads coming like Epson 5113, Ricoh GH2220, So it’s important to develop stable ink to support those new printheads.


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