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3 Points To Take Care When Using Your Heat Press Machine?



When using a heat press machine, there something need you to take care, today, we will share you 3 points that you should take care!


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Consistent pressure

Maintaining consistent pressure during the heat transfer process is extremely important. A quality heat press has a heavy platen that generates enough weighted-pressure for a clean heat transfer without any cold spots. Cheaper models lack the necessary platen weight and struggle to maintain transfer consistency.


Heat and pressure testing with heat strips

If possible, it’s recommended that you test out a heat press for heat and pressure consistency before purchasing. Even a quality press may have warped platens, cracked rubber pads, ineffective heater windings or other issues that can cause cold spots. You can purchase a test kit from Stahls’ or other heat press manufacturers to check pressure and temperature results. These kits contain special paper strips that when placed in the heat press, heated and then pressed, can indicate uneven pressure and inaccurate heat application.


heat press machine


Pressure gauge

To make production easier while ensuring image uniformity, it’s also preferable to choose a heat press model with a pressure gauge. Pressure gauges are extremely useful for showing users exactly how much pressure is being added to each pressing and in doing so, adding much better color and image consistency to the finished product.


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