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Is that sublimation printing really suitable for your textile industry?



Dye Sublimation printing (also known as heat transfer printing or dye diffusion thermal transfer printing) is a method used for high-quality photographic output and as the technology and equipment used becomes more advanced and cost effective digital printing in this way has become mainstream, however, sublimation printers are limited and can only work with a few items.


sublimation printing


With wide format printers and high quality ink there is great scope for dye sublimation printing. The textile industry has been using dye sub printing for some time to great success.


sublimation printing

Sublimation paper printing process works wonders in our eyes because it ensures that the image you transfer onto your item won’t fade over time. The finish is also smooth, soft, and stylish because it literally becomes one with the substrate. This is perfect if you want to keep the soft-hand feel of the original garment. Another reason we love this process is the fact that it allows you to print full color transfers and heat press them onto your shirts instead of setting up tons of screens for traditional screen printing.


sublimation printing


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