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Which factors will influence the dye sublimation ink absorption


Since the production process of sublimation ink undergoes a high-temperature environment, the strength properties of the paper are greatly depleted. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the speed of inkjet printing and drying, and shorten the time for the paper to stay in a high temperature environment so as to retain the thermal sublimation as much as possible.


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The strength properties of the transfer paper meet the requirements of the product. This puts higher requirements on the ink absorbing performance of the paper. Under the condition of ensuring a certain amount of ink absorption, it is necessary to enhance the ink absorbing performance of the paper and improve the ink absorbing speed of the paper.


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The dye sublimation ink absorption performance is not only related to the structure of the paper, but also related to the viscosity of the ink itself. if the Ink viscosity is too small with strong permeation, it is easy to penetrate the paper to produce bleak phenomenon; if the ink viscosity is too large with weak penetration, it is easy to accumulate on the surface of the paper stacking phenomenon. Both blemishes and heaping inks will have a serious impact on the transfer effect of the product, and this phenomenon should be prevented during the production process. Specifically,to ensure the printing quality of the pattern, the process parameters of the printing pressure, temperature and time, can be combined with reasonable ink viscosity.


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To this end, a layer of paint is applied to the surface of the paper as a coating to achieve rapid ink absorption. In order to meet the requirements of the national environmental protection policy, most of the inks used in the production of sublimation transfer papers are aqueous inks. The ink components are mostly alcohols and polyamides. In order to ensure the quality of the transferred pattern, it is required that the surface coating cannot contain components that can react with the ink used, and the surface coating of the coating is usually made of silicone or polyvinyl acid.


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