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Do You Know What’s the Best Way To Keep Sublimation Printer?




When it comes to an ink jet large format sublimation printer, it is important to remember that there is a lot of liquid located throughout the machine. Whether you have a dye sublimation ink or pigment printer, ink is present in the ink tanks, plumbing system, and print head. The worst condition for this ink to be in is a static state. The best practice is to keep the plotter powered on so that it will monitor itself and occasionally purge a small amount of ink through the print head to keep the nozzles fresh.


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The majority of people use their dye sublimation printer for black and white prints 90%-100% of the time, but it has been a long time since a wide format plotter manufacturer designed an exclusively monochrome printer. If you want to keep your plotter work well, you’d better print some color documents at least once a week to keep the color lines and nozzles clear.

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The maintenance cassette is the assembly that collects any overspray ink. It also serves as the purging station for the print head when the system conducts a nozzle check. Over time this cassette will become full and you will be prompted to change it. Many people would like to clean the maintenance cassette instead of replacing it. Actually speaking, it usually will make you lose more.


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