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 Do You know the Using Skills Of Tacky/Sticky Sublimation Paper



Sticky Sublimation Paper is specially developed for thermal fabric sublimation transfer printing. Adhesive paper is added to the coating. The transfer paper coating can be bonded to the fabric during thermal transfer to avoid heat When the transfer of paper and fabric sliding dislocation and the emergence of "eye socket" "ghost" and other printed defects.


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sticky sublimation paper for sportwear

Users in the use of sticky paper, there will often be insufficient or sticky sticky problem, that is, when the adhesive is not enough after the transfer of paper and fabric can not be stuck together; too sticky after the transfer of paper and fabric stripping effort. In fact, customers encounter non-sticky and too sticky sticky paper are the same kind of paper, but the application of different scenarios, the results are different.


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So how can I use a good sticky paper, to avoid non-stick or sticky situation?


Above in accordance with our experience for the application of sticky paper made a description of how to use a good tacky transfer paper specifically summed up in three sentences :Select the appropriate adhesive strength of the adhesive paper; pay attention to the transfer process of moisture (fabric moisture, paper moisture); Note that the preservation of sticky paper (unused adhesive paper sealed to save, print the sticky paper in time to transfer).


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