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 How About The Demand Grows for Dye Sublimation Printing



Correctly done, dye-sublimation printing is an attractive, vibrant and durable method of textile, garment and product decoration that cannot be matched by any other digital process. Direct-to-garment methods exist and may well improve in the future.


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But for premium results, dye-sublimation is still the favoured process because it is tried and proven. Sporting apparel, polo shirts, baseball caps and increasingly interior fabrics for cushions, curtains and even carpets are just some of the products that can be dye-sublimated for unique, one-off results printed on-demand. The advantage of digital dye-sublimation is that, in the globalised apparel market where bulk orders invariably go to low-cost producers in Asia, the custom nature of short-run production enables Australian producers to win back business and deliver small lots quickly to delighted customers.


sublimation printing


Dye-sublimation is not always a straightforward process; subtleties need to be learned—many of which relate to ink load on the transfer paper, quality of transfer paper and ability to vapourise the dyes into the textile and of course, the printer itself. Mimaki enjoys a premium reputation for reliability and productivity in sublimation and deploys advanced features that minimize or prevent “cockling,” where the transfer paper wrinkles due to high water content from the dye sublimation inks.


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