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 How To Reduce the Problem That String Ink Clogging Ink Leakage



Many customer will meet the problem that string ink clogging ink leakage when use the large format sublimation printer, today we will teach you how to solve this problem.


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Relatively speaking, long-term inkjet printing better than a long time to place the maintenance of the nozzle. Keep ink in the flow state, the nozzle is not easy to jam.the nozzle if you open automatic flushing state (interval of a few seconds spray all spray holes), spray holes are not easy to clog holes.


Sublimation printing work can not last a long time. It will increase the nozzle cavity structure of the load. Especially blocking a certain number of nozzles. Different types of nozzles used in the ink pump model is also different. 5113 nozzles have 3200 holes, with 6.5-watt ink pump. DX5 have 1440 head spray Hole with 3-watt ink pump.


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Maintenance of the nozzle, the maintenance of the dish with a layer of sponge on the top of a layer of non-woven fabric, soaked with flushing fluid after the nozzle flat up (cleaning fluid can not be too much, can not be flooded nozzle surface). nozzle installation and removal must take good. Head of the nozzle is very fragile, absolutely can not bump, do protect it. Its surface is a piece of aluminum, the inner layer coated with a crystal oscillator and a very small ink tube. Even a touch may deformed, or even broken.


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