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How About the Mimaki 54inch JV33-130a Inkjet Printer



Mimaki JV33-130a has been a reliable workhorse for the sign industry since its introduction around 2007. This is a low-use machine previously owned by an ink company and used only for in-house testing. The ink system in unit has been completely rebuilt- with a new printhead dampers, wiper, pump, o-rings, and more!. Lots of life left in this puppy!


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Newly developed high speed print head

A newly developed high-speed print head containing 180 nozzles x 8 lines, allows easy assembly and calibration.

With its increased print head accuracy the JV33 delivers truly high quality prints up to 1440 dpi. In addition, the improved running efficiency has improved the print speed by 30% over the JV3 series.

Print quality in 4-color bidirectional mode is also improved using a "symmetric ink arrangement".


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Uninterrupted Ink Supply System

UISS for continuous printing is standard on Mimaki JV33 machines. The JV33 can utilize two cartridges per color in 4-color mode.

When the ink cartridge runs out, another cartridge begins supplying ink and helps prevent running out of ink.

A maximum of 880cc ink per color can be loaded at one time. With 880cc of ink loaded at one time, a 50m (54yd) roll of media can be printed without interruption.

Ink cartridges can be changed during printing. UISS can not be used in 6-colour mode.


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Silver ink to achieve metallic effects

Metallic effects, such as gold or bronze as well as other colour shades, can be achieved by combining Mimaki’s silver ink with full colour ES3 ink, thus realising astonishing and eye-catching effects. Silver inks enable print service providers to offer higher value to their customer’s creative projects.


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