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Whats the Specifications & Advantages of Epson DX7 Printheads



EPSON DX7 F189000 Printhead Specifications

Technology: Micro-Piezo

Native resolution: 1440 dpi

Amount of Nozzles: 1440 (8 lines x 180 nozzles)




Epson DX7 Printheads Can Apply to Varieties of Inks and Medias:   

Compared to thermal inject system,s Epson DX7 F189000 printheads are using Micro Piezo Systems, which do not change the material properties. Therefore, this printhead can have wider application. Epson DX7 printhead are compatible with Dye ink, Pigment ink, Eco solvent ink, Dye sublimation ink and others. These printers can print posters, billboards, signs, textiles, labels and more.


Epson DX7 Printhead has Great Longevity: :

Epson DX7 Printheads are very much durable because they are not subjected to heat-included functional deterioration. These F189000 printhead can withstand high-volume office and industrial printing applications.




Epson DX7 F189000 Printhead can Produce High Image Quality:

Epson DX7 printhead uses VSDT (variable size dot technology) to control the volume of ink contained in each droplets. The droplets size can be as small as 1.5 pico-liters


In addition, meniscus can ensure the ejected droplets are always perfectly spherical and land with high positional accuracy. We supplier most sublimation printer parts. Any need, pls feel free to let me know, we will waiting for you!


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