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 Sublimation Paper Printing- Enjoy Immense Popularity Among End Users



Sublimation paper printing is a process that is enjoying immense popularity among end users, whether at retail or among wholesale clients. However, for decorators looking to make a foray into offering the process, there are some variables that can make the difference between success and failure.


sublimation paper


Dye sublimation printing technology, first of all we go to know, sublimation is mainly through the heating of its pigment molecules into the medium. Sublimation to achieve the way to heat up the printer, sublimation transfer paper, sublimation ink three. Hot sublimation, fresh color, structured, can involve details of the adjacent subtle color difference.


sublimation paper


Keep in mind that you are placing a garment under direct high heat and using pressure. There is a fine line of adjusting the three variables to avoid blow through — where the ink blows through to the opposite side of the garment — and shiny squares — where there is too much time, temperature or heat, resulting in a shiny square around the design. Back down on the variables. Try 375˚F degrees at 32 seconds as a rule of thumb as a starting point for pressing.


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