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 How About the 64inch Mimaki UCJV300-160 UV Printer-Cutter& What Should We Notice?


The new Mimaki UCJV series UCJC300-160 printer are the only 64-inch UV integrated printer cutters with models offering four-layer printing, white ink, plus inline cutting capability at a price that allows you to be competitive and more profitable it comes with Rasterlink 6 Plus software and utilizes white ink to deliver a unique 4-layer print work flow, enabling you to easily create stunning transitional panels that “change” with a light source.


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Production versatility:

Expand possibilities and realize production efficiencies only achievable with the seamless work flow of the new UCJV 64-inch UV-LED print-and-cut devices.


Inks and substrates:

Please note that properties and adhesion, weather resistance etc. of ink and substrates can vary. Therefore please test materials before printing.

Some substrates require primer before printing. Please test materials beforehand or ask your sales representative.


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Safety notice:

You are dealing with UV light sources that may harm your health. Please follow below guidelines strictly:

Do not look directly into the UV light source nor place your hand, or expose your skin directly to the UV light source.

Depending upon print mode, there might occur some VOC emittance from printed parts not yet cured and hardened.

In addition, please read the instructions and guidelines of the manual carefully and follow those.


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