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 Whats The Different Between One Head and Two Head Sublimation Printer?(二)



Follow with the last article, we introduce you the 3 different between one head and 2 head sublimation printer, today we will share with the following 3 different parts.


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Third, printing accuracy. Double headed machine is new to enter the market. However, single head machine is stepping into for many years. Many buyer questioned about the accuracy. Actually, with the development of research and development technology, double headed machine print accuracy improved over single head machines.


Forth, stability. Single head inkjet sublimation printer is a classic style printer. The stability is evident. However, the stability of the two heads machine is also good, there are also some brands of machines.


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Fifth, printing width. Nowadays, a double heads machine can print a larger width. 1.8 meters, 1.9 meters, 2.2 meters, 3.2 meters is full market. Traditional single head machine, the width is generally less than 1.8 meters. In comparison, the double head machine can already be used for printing, and it can be used as a multi purpose machine.


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