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Whats the Epson 5113 Printhead & Why Epson 5113 Nozzel Is Popular?



Epson 5113 printhead belongs to Epson Corporation. They launched a new type of piezoelectric nozzle in recent years. And the name is from Epson 5113 inkjet printer.




The digital printing industry generally lists Epson nozzel. While, the other brand nozzel was named as the industrial nozzel. The so called industrial print head are mostly single head & single color inkjet printing. Actually, Epson Corporation also produced single-head monochrome inkjet nozzles.


In fact, industrial print head is just a name. There is no relationship with printing in industrial or not. Also no relationship with the life, quality, performance of print head.



1, the number of nozzles: Epson 5113 print head has 8 rows. Each row has 400 holes. The 3200dpi is much more than 1440dpi of Epson DX5 & DX7.

2, the nozzle width: 5113 nozzle prints the effective width at 1.3 inches. It is 30% wider than the Epson DX5& DX7 print head.

3, the speed performance: the digital inkjet machine with 5113 print head. It can achieve the max print speed around 25 square meter per hour under 3pass high speed working mode.

4, the price: the current Epson 5113 nozzle market price is far lower than DX5.


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