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Do You Know Whats The Dye Sublimation Offers & Requires?



In the digital sublimation printing world, technology has richly advanced to become new and improved. Digital printing offers multiple positives and help diversify companies. For example, take your regular sign shop and through digital printing and technology, the sign shop can now offer apparel with printers’ abilities to create images on the clothing quickly and perfectly.


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As the printer evolves, there are similarities between the advancements among printers. Take a look into dye sublimation paper printing and how these printers specifically are changing the way companies can operate. Here are the top three things sublimation printing has to offer.


Dye sublimation requires two steps. First, the graphics are digitally printed on special sublimation transfer paper as a mirror image of the original design. Then, the transfer paper is inserted into a heat press, which sublimates the print onto the garment.


sublimation printing


All fabrics should be tested prior to printing, but sublimation generally place between 380 – 400 degrees for 20 – 35 seconds, depending on the fabrication of the tee. The heat turns the ink from the paper into a gas and then as it cools, it turns back into a solid. Only the polyester yarns in the shirt will hold the ink, which makes a lot of people think sublimation can only work on garments that are 100% polyester.


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