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What You Should Know About Variety Of Fabric Printing Methods(2)

Pigment Printing: Pigments are special coloring agents that are used in pigment printing of fabrics. It is used to get attractive and beautiful designs on fabrics, which is difficult to attain in dyeing. There are many advantages of fabric printing. It can be used on both synthetic and natural fibers. One of the main attractions that make many manufacturers mainly accept this method is that it is very economical and it can be used to attain great designs.


Sublimation Printing: It is a type of printing where an image is applied on specifically coated products or materials based on polyester by using a sublimation ink at desired pressure at required temperature. One of the main advantages of this type of printing is that is the material can be hard-washed as the print has become the part of the material and can resist washing and friction.

sublimation  printing


Digital Printing: When colors are printed onto any fabric using ink jet based method such type of a printing is referred to as digital printing. Digital printing is carried out direct to smaller garments and promotional wear unlike other traditional methods of printing. Most of the men's printed shirts manufacturers Mumbai make use of this type of printing.


digital printing

Table printing is also very effective for placement prints on garments where the printing is done on a garment part or on a ready garment. These are usually custom prints such as logos and brand names.