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 What Should You Do Under The Heat And Press Of The Calendering Unit?



Heat press machine are important to a sublimation printing manufacture, today let we discuss what should we do under the heat and press of the calendering unit.


Under the heat and pressure of the heat press or calendering unit, the solid dye on the printed transfer paper is converted to a gas and penetrates  into the fabric. The dye then resolidifies on the fibers of the fabric which makes the colors quite durable, wash-resistant, and colorfast.


heat press machine


This process will yield best results on 100-percent polyester materials. Why not natural fibers like cottons? The same heat that sublimates the dye also slightly melts the polyester, which is basically a plastic. (Cotton and other natural fibers will not melt when exposed to the heat of a heat press, but will instead burn, which is a bad thing.) By “melting” I don’t mean that the fabric turns into a gooey mess, but it’s just enough to open up tiny gaps in the polyester fibers, and the gaseous dye then penetrates into these gaps. When the heat is removed, both the dye and the fibers resolidify, fused as one. This explains why dye-sub printing is so durable and colorfast.


heat press machine


By the way, if you use a heat press calender rather than a flatbed heat press, you may need to use a protection paper to protect the fabric and the rollers of the calender.


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