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Pls Keeping Your Press Clean & Preventing Sublimation Paper Ghosting



It is important to protect the rubber pad that is attached to the lower section of the heat press. The same is true for the rubber pad found in a mug press. Covering the pad with a protective sheet of paper, a paper towel or a Teflon sheet will prevent sublimation paper and ink from being absorbed into it.


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1).If You Use Paper: Choose an inexpensive white bond paper or a roll of white paper (cut as needed), and discard after each pressing. Unprinted newsprint paper is also a good choice.

2).If You Use a Paper Towel: Choose an inexpensive, white, non-textured brand (the texture will leave a pattern on the substrate), and discard after each pressing

3).If You Use a Brown Teflon Sheet: Clean it with alcohol after each pressing


Sublimation printing requires a tight connection between the transfer page and the blank product when under heat. For the best results, as the inks gas and dye the product, you must ensure that the paper doesn’t shift. If the transfer page moves during the sublimation process, this could result in a blurry image or ghosting, which resembles a shadow effect.


heat press machine


To prevent this, always fix the transfer paper to the product itself using heat-resistant tape or repositionable spray adhesives.


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