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 Four Detail Tips Make Your Transfer Image Better



As we all know when doing heat transfer printing, we will take care and take care. Today we will share you four detail tips that will you make your transfer image better.


Recommended Paper and Substrates

Always use the recommended paper and substrates for sublimation transfers – variations in paper and substrate quality lead to variations in print, transfer and finished product quality.


heat press machine


Print Overlap and Margins

Print your images approximately ¼ inch/ 6mm larger than the size of the substrate you are transferring to. This allows a margin of error when aligning everything under the heat press.


Preventing Scorching

Higher temperatures generally require less time to prevent scorching. This is when the substrate and transfer paper become too hot for too long, resulting in browning of the paper, blurring of the image, incomplete transfer and other similar issues.


heat press machine

Preventing Washed-Out Images

An insufficient time and temperature combination could hinder complete transfer of the sublimation inks to the substrate which may then appear washed out. Try increasing the temperature of your heat press machine to get a more complete transfer. Pressure may also need to be increased, especially if the image is washed out only in specific areas of the substrate, and not the whole surface.


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