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 How About The Relationship Between Sublimation Ink and Printers



As we all know sublimation ink is not ink in the traditional sense. Traditional ink contains certain pigments to achieve colour. Conversely, sublimation ink is made up of dye solids that are suspended in a carrier fluid. This gives sublimation ink a high viscosity, which is why printers designed for use with traditional pigment ink or office inks have difficulty passing dye sublimation ink through the nozzles and print heads.


sublimation ink


All other dye sublimation ink and inkjet printer combinations are considered aftermarket because the printers are manufactured for office use with pigment inks. The sublimation inks used in these office printers are not necessarily formulated to be used with those specific printers.


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Even when the formulation for dye sublimation ink is altered for a particular office printer, the attempt is for the ink to work with existing hardware but the result is that the printer will often break down when using a highly viscous, dye sublimation ink.


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