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 How About the New Trends in Digital Sublimation Fabric Printing



Sublimation fabric print demand is increasing and now requires printers to use high-quality backlit fabrics to stay competitive. Recent trends in fabrics and textiles are gaining publicity in retail applications, event displays, and professional exhibits. Consumers are increasingly becoming attracted to opaque, block out, and backlit fabrics.


sublimation printing


Many manufacturers are adjusting their products to be Dye Sublimation compatible. Nylon, silk, and cotton are inherently incompatible with Dye Sublimation ink but have synthetic counterparts that can imitate their look and feel.


For Direct-to-Fabric inkjet printing, fabrics must be pre-treated to hold ink, avoid bleeding, and produce the right colors. Fabric manufacturing processes are different and create variations in ink compatibility based on their proprietary coating.


These coating processes yield fabrics that are compatible with Direct Dye Sublimation paper printing, Dye Sublimation Transfer, screen printing, UV ink, and latex inks. Coatings are used to treat fabrics before printing and allow for better ink performance while greatly reducing the risk of ink bleeding.


sublimation printing


Technological developments in fabric, ink, and coating have revealed unlimited opportunities for commercial use. Manufacturers are capable of producing sharp and consistent images to create unique products for all sorts of different applications. 


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