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 Talking About The Digital Printers for Textile & Directly Fabric Printing



Large format digital printers who make finishing a profit center and ensure they have the proper kind of digital finishing capacity are generally twice as profitable as those who don’t. They can make more on the finishing aspects than on the printing as a graphical image is more valuable than just a square foot of print. A digital work flow should be developed from beginning to end. What use is it to be utilizing a digital printer if the finishing end of the process is incapable of keeping up with the printing process?


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Fabric printing and textile printing have been around for a long time, and much of the technology that goes into these processes is well-known and accepted. Businesses that dedicate time and energy to textile printing usually have print finishing equipment and the other technology needed to get the job done right.


However, as the textile printing industry advances, new technologies, inks, and other materials are being introduced into the market. In order to stay competitive and at the forefront of this industry, it is important to understand the new options that are now available.


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Below is a brief explanation of the differences between direct fabric printing and transfer textile printing, as well as advice about which of these technologies might be best for your particular business. The different types of dyes and inks that are making their way into the market today are also discussed. By educating yourself regarding the changes and new technologies that are now available, you can become prepared to take your textile printing business to the next level.


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