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Four Important Field For You To Choose A Sublimation Printer(二)



Yesterday, we introduce 2 important field for you to choose a sublimation printer, today, we will introduce the last 2 field.


1). Stay on Top of New Substrates

As the printing process becomes ever more rapid and more automated, it is important to make sure that quality is not being sacrificed. While improving printing speed and efficiency is certainly important with regard to increasing the volume of a business, one should never sacrifice quality for higher output.


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When beginning to incorporate new technologies into printing services, it is extremely important to test these printing technologies with respect to the different substrates and mediums that are offered. You might very well find that certain media need different variations with regard to speed in order to continue to provide the highest quality.


2). Printers with Built-In Cutters

When people in the wide format printing industry hear about inkjet printers with built-in cutters, their immediate tendency is often to immediately buy into the hype and do away with old manual cutting machines. While printers with built-in cutters have certainly offered a number of benefits and helped to streamline certain aspects of wide format printing, like kiss cut labels, for example, it is necessary to consider one’s potential customer base before making a decision.


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While built-in cutters work well for straight cuts and simple size crops, they might not work well when attempting to complete large volumes of business that require angled or patterned cuts. In fact, considerable time might be lost by opting for built-in cutters and throwing away a manual cutting machine. Furthermore, by finding customers who need custom cuts, or even thicker materials than can easily be cut manually or with mechanical cutters, it might even be possible to increase one’s profit margin because non-rectangular cut pieces typically draw a significantly increased price.


Above are the most important 4 field that i think will be important for you to buy a sublimation printer, hope my article will helpful to you!



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