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Four Important Field For You To Choose A Sublimation Printer



Wide format printing is possible using a roll width that can be anywhere between 18 and 195 inches. Some type of inkjet technology is used in all wide format printers. The finishing touches, however, are what distinguish quality wide format printing companies from their competitors due to the use of three top grade technologies that have come to define the wide format printing industry and specifically the process of finishing.


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1). Automation for Faster Speeds

As most people in the printing world know, the finishing touches put on any print project are what really draws the attention of a client. Trying to manually finish the pieces you print out might be a good idea if you are working on a high-value project for a customer who is willing to pay a premium price; however, if you are in the volume business and need to finish up pieces quickly, manual finishing is generally not a viable option.


Instead of trying to manually finish pieces, finding technology that uses automation for the finishing touches is a must. Automation will not only increase the rate of workflow, but it can also be essential when seeking to please customers who want uniformity in the pieces that they order.


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Extra Large Cutting Tables

While much emphasis might be placed on the quality of the wide format printer, the automation device used, and other methods of reproduction (such as continuous feed technology), many printers simply overlook the need for more basic equipment to get the job done correctly. Investing in an extra-large cutting table will create the ability to process and finish large jobs simply, and more easily, with less waste and with higher profits.


Instead of having to spread out a print job on the floor and risk dirtying or fouling a piece that urgently needs to be finished, extra-large cutting tables can allow a printer to both achieve simple finishes, such as cutting to the appropriate and agreed upon size, and will also allow for the ability to achieve complex cut patterns and shapes. Extra-large finishing tables are also a must for those who have invested in a continuous feed, automated printers that speed up the printing process.


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