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How About The Laser Cutting Design Software & Setting On a Laser Cutter



Laser cutters might seem complicated, but they share mannerisms with commonly used inkjet printers and traditional flatbed cutters. Equipped with specific drivers, they can take computer depictions and convert them into a readable format for the laser cutter, thereby allowing it to perform it’s programmed job once the correct information has been provided.


laser cutting machine


There are many design software packages which support laser cutters and laser cutter drivers. It is very common for 2D design programs to be compatible with laser cutter drivers, and even some 3D packages are also able to support the drivers for laser cutters when dealing with prototyping sketches or 2D drawings.


The four main settings you’ll want use on a laser cutting machine are frequency, speed, power, and resolution.


laser cutting machine

1. Speed controls how fast the laser head will be moving along its gantry.

Power controls how strongly your laser will be firing.

2. Frequency is only relevant when you are cutting something and it controls how fast the laser will be pulsing while it is cutting.

3. Resolution, on the other hand, is only applicable when rastering, and it will determine the quality and resolution of the operation.

4. Laser cutters are revolutionizing the manufacturing industry, already deeming more basic cutting technology obsolete. In order to thrive in the manufacturing industry, you need to have an in-depth knowledge of laser cutters and about how they work.


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