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 Why So Hot For Large Format Sublimation Banner Options?



Dye-sublimated printed fabric is lighter than traditional rigid materials resulting in reduced weight. As a result, shipping costs are fractions of other printing methods. Dye-sublimated fabric can be folded (rather than loosely rolled or packed flat), so it takes up far less space and can be shipped for a much lower cost.


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Materials can range anywhere from vinyls, polyesters, cottons or finer fabrics. The finished product will be inherently strong, resilient and dimensionally stable. For installation, aluminum frames allow for a low-cost and lightweight solution that still looks better than its more expensive and heavier alternatives.


Compared to rigid substrates, fabric is lightweight and flexible allowing for more efficient storage. Due to the convenience of storage, dye-sub pieces can easily be repurposed for future campaigns.


sublimation printing


Retailers and brand marketers alike are turning to digital sublimation textile printing as their next retail point-of-purchase solution. Whether you are already using fabric graphics as a part of your visual marketing plan, or you are just thinking about incorporating fabric graphics as a part of your strategy, you should consider using dye-sub fabrics for your signage or exhibition needs.


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