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The Most 9 Advantages For The Digital Sublimation Printing



As we all know sublimation transfer printing to your clothes above the pattern of vivid colors, this can have a lot of advantages, in line with the needs of personalized consumption. Advantages are as follows:


sublimation printing


1. Wide color gamut, colorful, high precision, fine image

2. Digital printing program can be produced by high-input, large-scale large-scale manufacturing, moved to the office, the family to achieve, low input, personalized large format, large format custom production to meet the needs of different customers.

3. Shorten the traditional printing process, improve the order of the cycle, reduce the printing plate, proofing costs.

4. to break the traditional process of defects (chromatography and external factors), can make the decorative paper on the pattern more clear and delicate.


 sublimation printing

5. Realize small-scale production, while the production volume without any restrictions, to achieve personalized production needs.

6. No pollution, low energy consumption, to achieve green production process.

7. Ensure that the sample is consistent with the product. Data and easy to save the program, the reproducibility of sublimation printing.

8. Design patterns do not need to consider the amount of color and pattern type. Can display tens of millions of colors of the pattern.

9. Can achieve a long pattern, a number of spells out of large format personalized graphics.


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