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What you should know about variety of fabric printing methods(1)

Digital fabric printing is a technology that is relatively new. It has several applications most of which are found in the commercial sectors. The process of printing fabrics digitally entails the use of inks that are formulated for that specific purpose. These inks are made for use with specific fibers such as silk, cotton, nylon or polyester among others. Rollers are used to feed the fabric to the printer during the printing process. Ink is then applied on the surface of the fabric as tiny droplets. Ink is then cured using steam or heat on the finished fabric. In some cases, washing and drying of the fabric may be necessary.

digital fabric printing

Fabric print advertising is growing in popularityIf you want to get the best results,you can  go torwards fabric printing,which utilize the dye sublimation printing with dye sub inks and  roll sublimation paper.Fabric printing is a good way to ensure exposure for company brands.Based upon the event, you can pick out a applicable fabric.For instance, company events like tradeshows and company picnics would be treated differently when it comes to fabrics. Your selection will be based upon things such as how money is budgeted, where the fabric will be used, how the graphics will be applied, the times it will be used and the number of banners are in the budget.Every one of these factors can influence the choices that your company makes for fabric prints.

Dye Sublimation Will Keep You Ahead of the fashion.Dye sublimation begins by using a digital printer and dye to print a graphic on a certain type of paper.Then this graphic is transferred by using heat and pressure to your fabric of choice.When the ink is transferred, it sublimates into the fabric.Once the process is over, the printed fabric will possess a graphic that has bold beautiful colors that are long lasting.

digital fabric printing

How to transfer print your digital photo onto T-shirt/Cloth/Garments:

1.Take a digital photo

2.Print it out on sublimation/transfer paper with your ink-jet printer

3.Set transfer temperature to 170-180 Celisus

4.Set the desired time (varies from 20 sec. to  sec. Longer time leads to darker impression)

5.Put the paper in the position which you want print on T-shirt/Cloth/Garment

6.Your customized T-shirt/Cloth/Garment is done! Very Simple

t shirt transfer printing