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Whats the Heat Press Machine & How To Choose The Right One? (二)



Follow yesterday’s article, today we will introduce the last point you should take care when you buy a heat press machine.


4) The Heat Platen

One of the factors when looking at how well the heat platen distributes heat evenly. You can only do this if you are looking at a demo or you are buying a used one from someone else. Make sure you test it by turning it on and hover your hand close to the platen to feel the heat.


heat press machine


5) Digital Timer

You do not want to buy a heat press with no digital timer. You don’t want to run the risk of burning your t-shirts or tote bags.


6) Adjustable Force and Pressure Knobs

If you are looking at clamshell heat presses, make sure the adjustable pressure knob can help you control how much force you apply on the garment. Some machines(especially used ones) have poor pressure knobs and if you are constantly using too much force, it can hurt your back. Apply too little force and your design won’t stick on the garment.


Force is subjective as it varies from a 100 pound person to a 250 pound person. The knob needs to be flexible enough to be able to accommodate the 2 spectrum.


heat press machine


7) Temperature and Time

For a standard heat transfer, the temperature requirements are about 350 degrees Fahrenheit and usually 10 seconds is enough to print a garment. It will vary if you are doing thick garments such as hoodies and sweat shirts.


8) Size

Heat press machine's size is very important ,different size means different applications .In general , heat press machine have two types :flat heat press machine and rotary heat press machine .Flat heat press machine always have A3,A4 size, rotary heat press machine have many size :420*1900,420*2500 and so on .You should choose right size for your digital printing base on your facts.


That all that as manufacture i can advice you, hope this will helpful to you!


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