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Do You Know the Three Common Cartridge Problems Of Inkjet Printer



Cartridge can not work after being installed in the sublimation printer.

I believe many people have encountered this problem. You put the new cartridge in, the printer tells you "can not identify", or the printer that the cartridge is empty, can not print. This is the most common problems consumers encounter, you can remove the cartridge to re-install to see if it can be resolved. If still not, then your cartridge chip may be a problem. In this case, you should be able to ask the retailer to change or refund.


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Printhead blocked

Compatible ink cartridges and original cartridges are different from the recipe, if the consistency is different, the ink may block the print head, resulting in dot-like printing or color missing. Approximately 8% of consumers using compatible cartridges and 6% of consumers using original cartridges have encountered this situation. Opening the cleaning procedure is the best way to deal with this situation. If your printer uses a three-color cartridge, then the print head is often on the cartridge. In this case, the blocked printhead is not a too serious problem, you buy a new cartridge will bring a new print head. However, if the printhead is part of the printer and you can not think of yourself for cleaning, then you may need to replace the printhead. It might be more cost-effective to buy a new printer at this time.


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Ink cartridge ink leakage

Ink cartridges do not necessarily get everywhere. You may find that the dye sublimation printer does not work, and after opening to see a small amount of ink on the cartridge. This situation is slightly higher when using compatible ink. If the cartridge is not sealed properly when it is inserted, the air may enter, affecting normal operation, or ink leakage. Sometimes the way to deal with bad ink cartridges is simple, remove the re-press on it, but do not be too hard, so there may be damage to your printer. Of course, you do not have to be too depressed, if the cartridge claims to be compatible with your printer, you can negotiate to solve.


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