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Do You Know Whats the Main Principle Of the UV Printer?



With the widely use of uv printing, many of customer start buy their first uv printer, today we will share you the main principle of the UV printer.


uv printer


Printing principle: refers to the UV printer using piezoelectric inkjet printing technology, not directly contact with the material surface, relying on the voltage inside the nozzle, ink jet to the surface of the substrate. This involves how to precisely control hundreds of nozzles software control program, because this belongs to the core technology, can only import foreign nozzle, China domestic has not yet developed.


Curing principle: refers to the large format UV printer ink drying and solidification principle. The previous printing equipment need baking, drying and other processes are completely inconsistent, the light is emitted from the LED light and the coagulant in the UV ink drying reflect implementation. The advantage is that it reduces unnecessary equipment and personnel costs, while also improving production efficiency.


uv printer


Positioning principle: refers to the UV printer how to accurately control the equipment, in different materials, volume, height, shape on the print pattern. In the positioning of the X axis, mainly rely on the decoder, to command the equipment to print; on the Y axis in the horizontal;, mainly rely on the servo motor drive, the length of the print material; at the height of the position, mainly rely on the function of lifting the print head; with the three positioning principle, UV printer to realize the accurate positioning of a printing performance.


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